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13 Feb 2022   author: Pokemon

Staff motivation and business owner motivation are often counter-directed. The owner of the business wants everything to be done immediately, reluctant to spend money on the development of employees, or creation of competent incentives for the team.

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There is often a contradiction: the owner may have a sharp drop in motivation. S/he may be tired of the business, or the results are not satisfactory. It doesn’t matter at all in what area this happens, whether the company sells auto parts, or dry cleaning services, or is active in dentistry, and the like. This disease does not affect types of activities, but entire work teams.

It is possible to create a modern sales department quickly and efficiently only in the case of uniting and working in three directions at once:

  • 1. teaching the staff in techniques and secrets of sales in a rapidly changing economic environment;
  • 2. setting clear and realistic goals with timely monitoring of their implementation;
  • 3. complex motivation of employees, including moral and material incentives.
This process, however, may take a long time, as the enterprise develops dynamically to achieve new horizons and setting broader plans for the company's growth.

The particlar type of the industry directly influences the timing to be chosen for building a successful sales department. It is best to involve consultants in this process, such as, for example, experts from consulting companies who have already been engaged in creating a well-oriented business environment in other cases. After all, you would hire a team of professionals to build your house, right?.

Building a strong sales force is not difficult — it takes anywhere from two months to six months. Keeping it up and running is, however, much more difficult. At this stage, there may be traps of professional burnout of employees, the absence of a team as such, a change in the external conditions for the implementation of the product, where managers are not taught to act quickly, creatively and flexibly.

The sales department is the driving force of absolutely any business. Where it lacks competent construction, the company is doomed to a quick decline. This is the requirement of the current business environment with fierce competition. A business person who does not accept this concept at present, is at risks being sidelined tomorrow.

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