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How to Choose the Right Materials for Car Washing

13 Feb 2022   author: RajPu

Washing is a very important part of car care. If you want the car body and interior to remain in their original high-quality look and feel for as long as possible, then you need to pay special attention to washing the car.

The car body is a very delicate part and requires a special approach. Very often, car owners neglect the use of high-quality care products when washing their "beasts", while using improvised means: rags. As a result, we get an insufficiently clean body, stains, damage to the paintwork. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to buy car wash materials only in a specialized car shop.

Car Wash Materials and Tools
Car Wash Materials and Tools

Types of Materials

Car wash includes several stages:

  • Wash up
  • Drying
  • Polishing
Each process requires specific tools.

Before washing, evaluate the quality and complexity of the contamination of your car. Organic dirt (traces of fat, pollen, plant remains, bird waste) and inorganic (dust, sand) are removed in different ways. Use special car shampoo and stain remover.


For this stage, the following tools are suitable:

  • Sponges. A particular advantage is that they have large pores that allow them to absorb a lot of liquid, while foaming well. They carefully wash out many types of dirt without damaging the body of the vehicle.
  • It is important to rinse the sponge in clean water as often as possible so that dirt particles do not scratch the paint.
  • Melamine sponge. Good for removing organic contaminants.
  • Brushes. Hard-bristled tools are used for wheels and rims, and rubber brushes are suitable for the interior, which cope well with dirt on the upholstery.
  • Fur gloves. Convenient and very effective cleaning tool, especially for hard-to-reach places. Suitable for multiple use.
  • Do not ignore the washing of wheels and rims. They accumulate a lot of dirt, which can lead to problems with balancing the car.

Drying and Care

Wiping the vehicle after washing is important so that there are no streaks and traces of water left.

Recommended for use:

  • Microfiber cloth (towels, napkins, mittens). Microfiber is a versatile material that is suitable for both wet and dry cleaning. Leaves no lint, suitable for use without chemicals.
  • Waffle fabric. A reusable item that has excellent absorbency. Holds up well to washing.
  • Faux suede. Easily copes with stains on glass and bodywork. Can be stored dry for a long time.


The final step that will give your car a perfect look. In order for the body to shine and look like new, carefully approach the selection of materials. It can be:

  • Microfiber polishing cloths. The components of these products are polyester and polyamide, which perfectly cope with the task.
  • Wool. The material has proven itself in the application of polishes.
  • Felt. Polishing wheels are often made from this fabric.
A competent selection of means and tools to wash will save your car from emergency painting, damage to the body and interior of the car.

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