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How to Sell Ale in Bulk

13 Feb 2022   author: Serdar

Ale is a traditional English beer. It is produced by the method of top fermentation at a high temperature of approx. 21-27ºС. The fermentation process develops faster and takes no longer than six days. This quick method reduces the cost of the final product compared to other beers, so you can buy ale in bulk at a better price. Depending on the manufacturing technology and incoming ingredients, ale can have a fruity taste and spicy aroma. Instead of hops, fragrant herbs and spices are used in the wort brewing.

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Varieties of ale for sale in bulk

Classic ale, made according to a traditional English recipe, has a mild taste without hoppy bitterness. Compared to lager, it is of denser texture and dark color, and it contains a greater amount of alcohol up to 6.5%. Barley or wheat is used to make malt. Brewing companies make their own adjustments to classic drink recipes and offer a wide range of craft ales which can be bought in bulk. The product range includes:

  • * popular in pubs Bitter variety with a rich color of golden and reddish hues and a bitter aftertaste;
  • * Pale Ale of lemon or yellowish hue, made from selected pale malt;
  • * porter made of dark malt and burnt sugar with black tint and a sweetish wine taste, it can reach 10% of alcohol;
  • * stout with a characteristic bitter coffee aftertaste;
  • * weissbier made from wheat malt, characterized by a light straw color and low alcohol content;
  • * Brown Ale is brownish in color with a high hop content;
  • * strong Barley Wine, which is aged in barrels for several years.
All types of ale can be ordered in bulk from the manufacturer under beneficial terms with delivery to retail outlets. A wide range of delicious and fresh drinks will help attract more customers in order to receive a stable income from your business.

Transportation and storage of ale

Most beers cannot be pasteurized, so draft drinks have a short shelf life. When ordering products in bulk, the supplier must ensure prompt delivery of the product while maintaining its freshness and taste. Ale is transported in special food kegs under a special temperature regime. The containers are hermetically sealed to block the access of oxygen and stop the fermentation processes. Along with wholesale drinks, suppliers offer bottling and storage equipment, advertising attributes and marketing support to promote products, as well as popular beer snacks.

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