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Non-abrasive Detergents: Purpose and Advantages

13 Feb 2022   author: Serdar

If you want to achieve high quality cleaning, create a comfortable and favorable microclimate at home, you should learn how to choose the right household chemicals. The same is true for the owners and employees of cleaning companies that provide cleaning services to customers.

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Most housewives prefer to use non-abrasive detergents for cleaning as they do not damage the surfaces they are applied to. This category of substances includes pastes, gels, liquid formulations designed to eliminate all types of contaminants. Unlike powder detergents, non-abrasive detergents do not contain solid particles, which makes them suitable for cleaning delicate surfaces. By choosing this product, you can count on the following benefits:

  • - the substances can be applied to horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces;
  • - high efficiency, the ability to remove any pollution, including persistent ones;
  • - the ability to act gently without damaging delicate coatings;
  • - environmental friendliness and no implications for human health.
You can use non-abrasive detergents for cleaning glass and ceramics, tiles, bathrooms, etc. The foams, gels and liquid formulations have the ability to envelop pollution, penetrate into the structure of grease stains and mud deposits, and then destroy them. This principle of action guarantees the effectiveness of the substances, making them popular and in demand on the market.

How to choose non-abrasive detergents

The main parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing a non-abrasive detergent for cleaning are:

  • - Purpose. Manufacturers produce preparations for glass and ceramics, chrome and stainless steel, acrylic, enamel, ceramic tiles, plastic, chipboard and fiberboard. For best cleaning results, use them as per the manuals.
  • - Structure and consistency. Think in advance whether it is more convenient for you to use foam, gel, cream or paste. Remember that preparations of different consistency differ in consumption level, method of application and other characteristics.
  • - Composition. It is important that the non-abrasive detergents you use are not only effective but also safe to use. Give preference to environmentally friendly products that do not contain harmful ingredients. At the same time, they may contain fruit acids, oxygen-containing components, non-ionic surfactants, natural soap, etc.
  • - Price. A good product a priori cannot be cheap - remember this and do not try to save money at the expense of quality. Overpaying for advertised brands, nevertheless, is not advisable either. Therefore, the best choice can be household chemicals related to the middle price segment.
In addition, when choosing non-abrasive detergents for cleaning, you should take into account the reputation of manufacturing companies. Give preference to well-known brands that have a good reputation and are trusted by consumers.

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